Andrew Astill

Autumn is well on its way

Posted By Ridgeline Sales in Andrew Astill on Oct 03, 2017

September and the nights a drawing in so Autumn is well on its way. This time of year all the colours from green to reds and yellows everything is getting ready for winter. As for me I've been doing what I enjoy the most being outside as much as possible. Although I'm not doing many Beginners Days in Deer Management courses this year, I have done two this month. But one lucky novice stalker came to cull a pricket and learn how to gut, inspect and skin a carcass. Got more than he bargained for as there was an injured...

August 2017, funny old month for me

Posted By Tom Taylor in Andrew Astill on Sep 07, 2017

August 2017, has been a funny old month for me as most of it has been spent with my family. Either on holiday camping or up the farm with my daughter and my new pup. But I still had to work a bit, apparently we have bills and majority of it has been deer shooing.   Being this time of year the red stags are in season and I start my culls for two local parks and a farmer who has some wild ones pass through. Had a one really tough stag to cull that had an injury to its...

As We Roll Into May

Posted By Ridgeline Sales in Andrew Astill on May 31, 2017

As we roll into May I get quiet with work, which gives me time to catch up with friends and family. Every year my good friend Neil and I usually go for a jolly up to Scotland roe Stalking, unfortunately due to his work a day of play was all we could get. So I organised a day on a local estate to spend the day hunting. Starting before 6 am to try for a Muntjac as Neil had never shot one. It was a really windy day and picking our spot was tricky, however within an hour we managed...

Into March and I've just been doing my own thing

Posted By Ridgeline Sales in Andrew Astill on Apr 03, 2017

Into March and I've just been doing my own thing. My land in the Borders has had extensive deforestation over the past 24 months. I have always a good relationship with the forestry company and have been tasked with not Deer Stalking, but deer control. With a small syndicate compiling of close friends we have been attending the ground more regularly than usual. Along with an out of season licence granted by SNH we are able to take any buck or juvenile under 12 month old. This has increased our cull figures significantly. I took a stunning mature buck in...

November 2016

Posted By Ridgeline Sales in Andrew Astill on Dec 06, 2016

Into the beginning of November and I was still wondering where winter was hiding. Leaves still on the trees and I hadn’t pulled out any of my thick jumpers. I spoke too soon as heavy rain, snow and frosts were just around the corner. As last month was very hectic I'd put some me time aside, I enjoy taxidermy and have been an enthusiastic amateur for the past 3 years. In my workshop mounting birds, foxes and deer. I really immerse myself when given the time. Plus visiting my good friend Wayne a professional taxidermist who helps in many ways....

September 2016

Posted By Ridgeline Sales in Andrew Astill on Nov 07, 2016

September is usually a busy month for me as one of my clients has numerous country fairs and food festivals booked. Extra deer have had to be culled, then butchered on top of my regular work. Many hours have been spent watching the Reds to decide what is to be taken. As my client is not interested in big racks, just body size although with age they both come together. Anything that's in poor condition or not particularly good body size is taken this month.   But I've also had a weeks holiday to fit in. Stalking in the Borders, on my...

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