As We Roll Into May

As we roll into May I get quiet with work, which gives me time to catch up with friends and family. Every year my good friend Neil and I usually go for a jolly up to Scotland roe Stalking, unfortunately due to his work a day of play was all we could get. So I organised a day on a local estate to spend the day hunting. Starting before 6 am to try for a Muntjac as Neil had never shot one.

It was a really windy day and picking our spot was tricky, however within an hour we managed two from the same spot. After that we spent the day on Corvids and Squirrels, ending the day with a really mixed bag deer, squirrels, crows and rabbits plus a good old chin wag.

Throughout the month I've also been helping keep some troublesome foxes at bay on a local farm. The owner has a herd of small rare breed sheep and lost 6 lambs in a 12 hours of daylight. So along with hours mooching around the land, topped with sitting and inviting a friend to join me, we finally got three foxes in a day by splitting up and waiting over a bait site.

With the better weather and sun my daughter and I start fishing for the summer, we’re slightly spoilt in the fact I've access to 5 lakes on the family farm one being next to our allotment. It makes for lazy summer afternoons with a pot of maggots and a bag of sweets. Although the waters are stocked with Carp, Tench, Breem ect we tend to just fish for Rudd and Perch. Because kids, like dads, like plenty of action. 

Clothing wise it’s been light weight gear, the Seasons plus the Turbulence have been a must - Keeping the early morning chill at bay yet light enough to pack and waterproof for a full day out hunting. Yet again I'm finding that the Scurry Vest is invaluable, I always have it in the van. But it's so versatile from an under garment if the weather is cool, to just with a shirt when a jacket is not needed...  


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