Into March and I've just been doing my own thing

Into March and I've just been doing my own thing. My land in the Borders has had extensive deforestation over the past 24 months. I have always a good relationship with the forestry company and have been tasked with not Deer Stalking, but deer control. With a small syndicate compiling of close friends we have been attending the ground more regularly than usual. Along with an out of season licence granted by SNH we are able to take any buck or juvenile under 12 month old. This has increased our cull figures significantly.

I took a stunning mature buck in full winter coat and it was too good to waste. So while on the ground, I caped the buck off and salted the hide so not to lose it. As soon as I was home the cape was prepped and into a tanning solution. Within a week the buck was mounted and drying as it will take pride of place in my home..... somewhere. Although it will take a month or so to fully set and then paint, the bulk of the work has been done.

My daughter has spent much time out with me this month too. From squirrel hunting to just plinking with the air rifles. She's always up for a road trip so at the beginning of the month we out on a local estate and took our first Muntjac together. So happy she even dragged it back to my van, fair play to her as it was just a young doe. Also we have spent time just messing about at the farm, getting the boat out on the lake. Feeding lambs is always good fun with children along with some new calves too.

Another couple of trips up north resulted in two more roe doe's and with snow, sun it's been a real mixed bag weather wise. But with all the clear fell cold in places, so picking your beat is key to success. But if the weather is bad the caravan is a welcome haven. Towards the end of the month I purchased a new rifle, a .223 for Muntjac and target shooting. Which I bought on a Thursday and took a nice buck on the Sunday, rounding off a great month.  

Clothing for this month has been much like the weather, mixed. The Scurry Vest has been out for the days that felt like spring. Then the Monsoon up north to keep the wind at bay and my butt dry when sitting in the damp heather. Then the Turbulance has been used in the woods along with the Seasons Jacket I've worn from north to south. 

But there has been two items I've worn every day I've been out. Either together or separately and they are the Ridgeline Mitre Cap and Warrior Boots. The cap is an essential for any serious or hobby hunter, a good cap is hard to beat. Nothing is worse than having the sun in your eyes. Then the boots....... I love then, after 5 months of heavy wear and tear they are holding up. I'm not known for looking after my kit and boots are no exception. Warm, comfortable, light and dry I cannot ask for much more really. A scrub down after use, dried and spot of polish is all that's needed then back in the van for the next road trip. 

I'd like to get my hands on a Grizzly Smock next month for the summer up north as a friend has one and I'm quite envious. 


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