Autumn is well on its way

September and the nights a drawing in so Autumn is well on its way. This time of year all the colours from green to reds and yellows everything is getting ready for winter. As for me I've been doing what I enjoy the most being outside as much as possible.

Although I'm not doing many Beginners Days in Deer Management courses this year, I have done two this month. But one lucky novice stalker came to cull a pricket and learn how to gut, inspect and skin a carcass. Got more than he bargained for as there was an injured stag which needed taking out. His first ever stag ended up being a nice 10 point monster. A great way to start a journey at the top so to speak.

Training the new dog has definitely being a challenge, he's very good one to one with me. But unfortunately he's to much of a puppy when others are about. So as the cooler weather is here and the midges have gone I decided to take him north of the border. Up to the lease for some guy time meeting one of my colleagues up there. Sika the cocker spaniel was in his element, I've not enjoyed stalking since my old dog passed in February. The 3 day on the ground with my dog relight my passion for roe stalking again. We have a long road ahead to make him a deer hound, but either way great company on the hill.

Then there's my daughter Willow who has been out with me any opportunity she can. One of the best days was a Saturday shooting my .22 Hornet out to 300 yards. She was my runner and target painter. Keeping children amused is the key, so we I her staying rainbow rabbits. Just so much fun. But the weather here in the midlands and up north has been very wet and very warm. In Scotland I wore everything from the Ridgeline vest to the full monty monsoon Smock and trousers. Having everything in my van is the only way. Even had the beanie hat out up north over my cap. Still maintain the Scurry Vest is one of the best garments ridgeline produce along with the Tollerance Smock for every day wear. Looking forward to winter and the new lines coming out.  

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