September 2016

September is usually a busy month for me as one of my clients has numerous country fairs and food festivals booked. Extra deer have had to be culled, then butchered on top of my regular work. Many hours have been spent watching the Reds to decide what is to be taken. As my client is not interested in big racks, just body size although with age they both come together. Anything that's in poor condition or not particularly good body size is taken this month.  

But I've also had a weeks holiday to fit in. Stalking in the Borders, on my lease chasing the roe with my good friend James. Before going pike fishing at Loch Lomond and for the time of year the weather was amazing. Great way to spend time with friends doing what we all enjoy. Towards the end of the month I had one of my Social Day organised through my Facebook group. Every 5/6 weeks I get my friends and fellow shooters together for a zero day, a little trigger time, plenty of chat and a lot of laughter takes place. Finishing the day off with a meal the local farmers wife cooks for us.

I always enjoy this time of year as I can get out foxing and rabbiting for a couple of hours with my daughter whilst the weather is still pleasant. Along with the old dog the three of us can sit watch the sun go down and drink tea out of the flask, if any vermin decides to wonder by then it's a bonus. It's also great time to harvest the berries and apples at the farm which as a family we love doing. Apple and blackberry crumble always works any day of the week.

For the past couple of months I've been trying out the Ridgeline Scurry Vest. Well I'll be brutally honest...."love it" and could easily leave it at that, but I won't. The two different shades and textures depending which way round you wear it is superb. I haven't found an outdoor activity that one shade or the other doesn't fit into.

With the seasons starting to change, it's been worn most mornings and evenings just to remove the Autumn chill, some days all day long. As its waterproof the light summer showers haven't been a problem. With deep pockets that are just at the right angle and very comfortable to use. I've not had anything fall out when out in the field and am even able to slip a pair of binoculars into them. The vest is long on the back, so it keeps the chill away from the base of your spine especially when sitting.

The Scurry has even been used to make an ambush hide earlier in the month as I had nothing else to hand, it worked remarkably well keeping the low late summer sun out of my eyes. The tan side is perfect in the field but with a shirt, looks really smart and not out of place down the local. The olive fits into the everyday outdoors, also being in the workshop of an evening. This month the vest has been hunting, shooting, fishing, socialising and even used as a pillow. The remarkable versatility of the Scurry I think makes it a must for any outdoors man this Autumn. Andrew.

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