August 2017, funny old month for me

August 2017, has been a funny old month for me as most of it has been spent with my family. Either on holiday camping or up the farm with my daughter and my new pup. But I still had to work a bit, apparently we have bills and majority of it has been deer shooing.  

Being this time of year the red stags are in season and I start my culls for two local parks and a farmer who has some wild ones pass through. Had a one really tough stag to cull that had an injury to its leg. But unfortunately although not life threatening the owner did not want it breeding. It took over 3 hour to get a shot and finally take it down. It had lost part of its hoof somehow and only noticeable when walking, you'd never have known when he ran.

Also took a wild red that had taken a fancy to a landowners hay stack and although not out of velvet he would have been soon. Then he may have been a problem as he could soon of opened up some round bails with his tines. Just a case of sitting and waiting from first light for the stags arrival. Shame but the landowners happy with a freezer full of meat.

On top of the red stags I've been busy keeping on top of the muntjac feeding themselves up in the estates cover cops of maze. Muntjac over pheasant the birds take priority. Fortunately they move all day and aren't pressured so it doesn't mean first and last light. Majority I shoot are in the day mid morning onwards.  

The highlight this month is my 6 year old daughter who has been out with me numerous times in the day or evenings with the pup. We rarely shoot anything but a flask of tea and a packed of sweets is a must. Such a joy to be out with and little fazes her, but squirrels are her top vermin animal to hunt. Unfortunately she's now back to school and hunts are now confined to the weekends.

The Scurry Vest has once again made it to the top of my list of clothing along with my trusty cap. Such a shame Ridgeline don't do shorts and shirts as that's pretty much all I've been wearing this summer apart from the odd day I've worn the Seasons jacket and Turbulence Smock. The Vest packs in my rucksack and has provided me with all the warmth as the nights get cooler. I doubt it will be long before the heavy duty clothing shows itself again.

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