Vario Hearables - Novo Natural

SKU: VN101

£149.99 £199.00

Novo Natural - Dangerously loud sounds are muted down to a safe level whilst all other sounds, including conversations, are at their natural levels so the wearer hears as if they had nothing in their ears. 

  • Off-the shelf solution
  • Up to 27dB noise attenuation
  • No ear impression required
  • Low profile - won’t interfere with your gun mount
  • Available in Natural and Enhanced models

Level-dependent electronic hearing protection that gives your shooting a boost.

Created to provide a simple option for those who need no frills electronic enhancement. The Novos’ simple, sleek design makes them easy to fit, use and comfortable to wear, whilst providing impulse protection against gunshot and without compromising your situational awareness.

The Novo Natural effectively gives you a talkthrough sound level, very close to your normal hearing. Loved by rifle shooters and clay shooters alike. Instantaneously suppresses gunshot to a safe level.

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