Ridgeline Ambassador/ Advisor Scheme

 Brand Ambassador Brand Advisor

A Ridgeline Ambassador is provided with an extensive range of products that are replaced and upgraded as needed and are part of an extensive team of experienced people within their chosen field and whose advice and input is essential in the development of current and new products. They have direct access to the development team and can have influence on styles and products which are currently part of the Ridgeline range. Ambassadors get generous discounts which they can use at any time for personal use or to treat family and friends. As a member of the Ridgeline Team we expect you to positively promote the brand at every opportunity and utilise social media and your specialist skill to communicate the benefits and purposefulness of the products in use, which is outlined in brand ambassadors’ commitments.

Ridgeline advisors are chosen based on their experience and knowledge within the particular fields. Although the benefits are not as extensive as an Ambassador, we may decide to offer products if we feel this will benefit the brand. You will be given a discount on any Ridgeline products that you purchase and will have access to the Ridgeline team for advice and guidance if necessary You will be expected to meet the advisors commitments to promote the brand at every opportunity and offer advice and guidance on styles and products to help improve the effectiveness and function.

 All Ridgeline team members are expected to maintain the highest standards of discipline while representing the brand and we reserve the right to end the agreement without notice or explanation.
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