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Launched in the UK in 2007, Ridgeline has established itself as a manufacturer of quality, FIT FOR PURPOSE clothing.

Developed specifically for the outdoors, Ridgeline is now the preferred garment of choice for many outdoor professionals
who demand a product that not only looks the part but WORKS!

The Ridgeline Faithful Eight are a group of selected enthusiasts who come from a cross section of countryside activities and are known for their knowledge and enthusiasm for the outdoors. They will be showing you what they do and how they do it and will also review and test new Ridgeline products.
Feel free to ask questions and join in on discussions as they pass on their experiences and show you what they have been up to throughout their time in the field.
The Faithful Eight have also been chosen because they are down to earth people that share one common trait, which is to help others enjoy the countryside as much as they do.

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